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Divin «Legenda Moldovei» XO 7 Years 0.5l

SKU: 4840557001800

Greutate: Buc.

£ 16.09

/ Buc.

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Divin "Legenda Moldovei" XO: A 7-year-old premium brandy in a 0.5L bottle. Rich, smooth, and complex, it embodies the essence of Moldovan craftsmanship, perfect for savoring on special occasions.


Divin "Legenda Moldovei" XO is a meticulously crafted 7-year-old brandy, presented in a sophisticated 0.5L bottle. This premium spirit exudes richness and complexity, with nuanced flavors developed over years of aging. Sip and savor the smooth texture and intricate layers of aroma, a testament to Moldovan tradition and excellence in distillation. Ideal for indulgent moments of celebration or quiet contemplation.