Fautor Blanca Cuvee, White dry wine 0.75l

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"Fautor Blanca Cuvee: A delightful blend of white grape varieties, offering a crisp and refreshing taste profile. Perfect for any occasion. 0.75L."

Here's the translation of the information provided:

Grape Varieties: Albariño - 85%
                         Fetească Regală - 15%
Type: Dry White Wine
Vineyard Area: 9.0 hectares
Yield: 6.0 tons per hectare
Terroir: The vineyards are located in the viticultural region of Valul lui Traian, micro-zone Tigheci, village of Romanești
Harvest Period: in the first decade of September
Fermentation Temperature: 15˚C - 17˚C
Vinification: in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures of 15˚C - 17˚C. For a short period of time, it was in contact with the lees.
Serving Temperature: 8˚C
Alcohol: 13.0%
Volume: 0.75 L
Total Bottled: Limited Edition 6000 bottles
Taste Palette: Floral, mineral, citric; this wine presents the perfect balance between freshness and complexity. Flavors of wildflowers, aromatic herbs, and green hazelnuts are enhanced by a creamy body with generous notes of peaches, apricots, and lime.