Asconi SOL NEGRU Merlot Red Dry Wine 0.75l

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Asconi SOL NEGRU Merlot: A dry red wine in a 0.75L bottle. This Merlot boasts bold flavors with hints of dark fruit and a smooth finish, ideal for pairing with hearty dishes or enjoying as a standalone indulgence.

The wines that are obtained from Merlot are
velvety, intense, with a beautiful dark ruby ​​color.
The bouquet offers fruits like blueberries,
blackcurrant, plums, cherries, tomato leaves,
rhubarb and subtle earthy notes. At the palette it
is broad, deep, juicy and dripping blackberries
and cherry notes. In the mouth the tannins are
full-bodied, velvety, combined with a pleasant
crunchiness you won’t forget so easily.
Grape/Blend: 100 % Merlot
Type: dry, red
Vintage: 2018
Soil: chernozem
Wine region: Codru
Alcohol: 13.5 %
Sugar: 3.0 g./l.
Fermentation: 13-15 days in fermenters at
23-28 0C ;Délestage twice
Aging: 12 months in Hungarian highly
toasted oak
pH: 3.5
TA: 5.6 g./l.
Serving temperature: 15-17 0C
Aeration: 60 min
Potential: 3-15 years
Food pairing: turkey breast schnitzel